UniLock-Up™ Copper Dies

The latest in hot stamping and embossing technology for the sheet fed market- UniLock-Up!

The revolutionary, UniLock-Up™ System has been designed for fast easy positioning and changeover - reducing set-up time up to 75%.

Patented UniLock-Up™ Copper dies are manufactured from the same proven UEI Systems high quality copper alloy with a unique (molecularly bonded) steel-backing. UniLock-Up™ dies are extremely durable, can hold finite detail and will transmit heat exceptionally well.

We have developed our UniLock-Up™ copper die system to accommodate most press requirements and applications- Contact your UEI Sales Professional to see if UniLock-Up copper dies can be the right choice for you- based on your specific needs and requirements.

Die Types Available:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Single-level Embossing:
  • Single-level Debossing:
  • Unifraxion®: For more information see Unifraxion/Texture Dies

Metal Thickness Available:

  • .070 inches (1.778 mm)

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