UniLock-Up® System

UEI’s innovative new UniLock-Up® system makes a press set-up quick, easy, reliable and efficient. Perfect for large sheet applications with multiple-up dies as well as repeat jobs.

This system utilizes your press sheet layout and through precision engineering UEI cuts out, pre-mounts and locks copper or brass dies to a specially designed steel plate, which can then be securely affixed to the chase. To allow for modifications in the printed sheet, each die position has the capability to be slightly adjusted before final lock-up. Each UniLock-up® system is custom made to fit the press layout and can be easily stored for future repeat jobs.

Die Types Available:

The UniLock-Up® System uses engraved dies with a specially developed steel plate. Depending on the desired effect, UEI can incorporate either copper or brass engraved dies into the UniLock-up® system.

  • Foil Stamping
  • Single-Level, Multi-Level or Sculptured Embossing
  • Single-Level, Multi-Level or Sculptured Debossing
  • Combination: Dies that can emboss or deboss and lay foil at the same time.
  • Unifraxion®: For more information see Unifraxion/Texture Dies

Metal Thickness Available:

  • The UniLock-Up® system requires precision and high tolerances. Both the engraved die and the steel plate are machined to meet specific height requirements. UEI can work with all press requirements and height restrictions for both European and North American sheet fed formats.

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