SpeedChase® System

This system is the latest advancement in lock-up technology.  Combining the benefits of UniLock-Up® NXT™ die plates with the revolutionary new patented SpeedChase the efficiencies gained through this system are unparalleled in the industry. 

The SpeedChase was designed for performance.   Its clever design incorporates over 500 holding magnets for secure and reliable positioning of the UniLock-Up die plate as well as a compressed air feature that provides a quick and easy release of the UniLock-Up NXT die plate.

With the SpeedChase, UniLock-Up plates (with engraved dies pre-mounted and pre-registered) can be locked up in less than 15 minutes- - the fastest changeover system in the industry.

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changeover on the SpeedChase®

UniLock-Up® NXT™ Die Types Available:

The UniLock-Up® NXT™ die plates use engraved dies with a specially developed steel plate. Depending on the desired effect, UEI can incorporate either copper or brass engraved dies.

  • Single-Level, Multi-Level or Sculptured Embossing
  • Single-Level, Multi-Level or Sculptured Debossing
  • Combination: Dies that can emboss or deboss and lay foil at the same time.
  • Unifraxion®: For more information see Unifraxion/Texture Dies

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