Brass Engraved Dies

The brass dies from the UEI Group are world renowned for their quality, precision and artistry. As one of the world's largest engraving companies, the UEI Group is able to offer an extensive array of brass manufacturing methods to offer our clients the best product for their application.

Brass dies are produced from a special alloy that is extremely durable and transfers heat very well. Brass is easier to machine than its counterpart, copper, and thus it is the metal of choice for sculptured dies, multi-level dies or dies that require specific bevels. Our highly skilled brass engravers can hand engrave to employ artistic realism or for true precision they can cut with our exclusive CNC - Unigrave® Process. Whether you are looking for intricate detail or realistic depths the brass engraved dies from the UEI Group set the standards for excellence.

And should you wish to improve your die-cutting/embossing performance and reduce additional set-ups, you should try UEI's in-line embossing dies. Manufactured to work in conjunction with your die-cutting board and allow you to die-cut and emboss in one pass-saving you valuable time and money.

Die Types Available:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Multi-Level or Sculptured Embossing
  • Multi-Level or Sculptured Debossing
  • Combination: Dies that can emboss or deboss and image and lay foil at the same time.
  • In-Line Embossing
  • Unifraxion┬«: For more information see Unifraxion/Texture Dies

Metal Thickness Available:

  • ┬╝" (6.35 mm): Standard thickness for North and South America
  • 16 Gauge (.064" / 1.59 mm)
  • 7mm (.276"): Standard thickness for Europe and Asia

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