Copper Engraved Dies

The UEI Group's photoetched dies are the premier copper dies in the foil stamping and embossing industry. Manufactured from a specially developed copper alloy and utilizing the exclusive GPC® Photoetching System, UEI's copper dies hold finite image detail, recuperates heat quickly, are consistent in overall metal thickness and are extremely durable, all of which help to make the perfect impression.

Because of the unique and excellent properties of copper, the dies are most commonly used for hot stamping foil but they are also an excellent choice for single-level embossing and dies. The incredible hardness of copper allows the dies to withstand extreme pressure on press and it is often preferred over softer metals such as magnesium, which often fatigue when subjected to the same operating conditions. With copper dies you will be able to run over a million impressions while still retaining the same die integrity. You can even reuse copper dies when stored properly. The UEI Group's copper dies even allow for more efficient press time and faster make-ready because of their unmatched metal uniformity and quality photoetching.

Die Types Available:

  • Foil Stamping: Applies foil to a variety of substrates such as paper, plastics and leather.
  • Single-level Embossing
  • Single-level Debossing
  • Unifraxion®: For more information see Unifraxion/Texture Dies

Metal Thickness Available:

  • ¼" (.250" / 6.35 mm): Standard thickness for North and South America
  • 16 Gauge (.064" / 1.59 mm)
  • 7mm (.276"): Standard thickness for Europe and Asia

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