Duplicate Dies

When running multiple-up jobs it is necessary to utilize duplicate image dies. Depending on the customer's needs and applications, the UEI Group offers several different products for duplicate dies which include Unigrave®, Copper Photoetched or Exothermic™ Duplicate Dies. The difference in each duplicate die product lies in the base material, method of manufacturing, type of effects and life expectancy.

The most common duplicate die for hot stamping is the copper photoetched die. It is an excellent heat conductor, which is necessary for hot stamping, and it can be manufactured very quickly at a relatively low cost. Copper dies are ideal for multiple-up jobs. (See Copper Photoetched Dies)

The second most common duplicate die is a thermoset resin die. This type of duplicate die is primarily for embossing/debossing and is 'cast' from an original die, often a brass die, and used in lieu of metal dies. The UEI Group offers Exothermic dies, which are the industry's premier thermoset duplicate dies. They are more durable and transfer heat better than other inferior industry products such as Bakelite duplicate dies. Exothermic duplicate dies can be more cost effective than manufacturing duplicate metal dies, although they don't have the life expectance of metal die.

The highest-grade duplicate die is the Unigrave® duplicate die. Manufactured utilizing UEI's exclusive state-of-the art CNC manufacturing methods. The Unigrave duplicate dies is the ultimate foil stamping and/or embossing die as it transfers heat exceptionally well, utilizes one of the most durable engraving metals and it is the best choice for embossing or combination duplicate dies. Every Unigrave duplicate die is 'exact' resulting in consistency for you and your end user.

Die Types Available:

  • Copper Sheet Fed Engraved Dies
  • Unigrave® Brass Engraved Dies
  • Exothermic Duplicate Dies

Die Thickness Available:

  • ¼" (6.35 mm): Standard thickness for North and South America
  • 16 Gauge (.064" / 1.59 mm)
  • 7mm (.276"): Standard thickness for Europe and Asia

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