Cartons and Packaging Finishers

UEI offers a wide array of products to meet the needs of the Carton and Packaging Industries. Whether your needs are for small or large format, the UEI Group has the dies to make your products stand out from the competition. The UEI Group has also developed their exclusive manufacturing process, Unigrave®, with the necessary parameters for the Carton/Packaging Industries- and every image engraved with our exclusive Unigrave process will be exactly the same from one die to the next- guaranteed!

Products and Services

  • Copper Sheetfed Engraved Dies
  • Brass Sheetfed Engraved Dies
  • Unifraxion® Dies
  • UniCurve™ Dies
  • UniMagnetic™ Copper Magnetic Dies
  • UniMagnetic™ Brass Magnetic Dies
  • UniFlex™ Flexible Rotary Dies
  • UniSphere™ Cylinders

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