If you have received unsolicited job offers, BE AWARE.

Recruitment Scams- what are they?


Recruitment scams – are FRAUD. The scammers are getting more sophisticated. They are offering fake jobs to job

Scammers are trying to trick job seekers into releasing confidential and sensitive personal information. This type of fraud is generally carried out online. Scammers will create false websites and/or fake emails while claiming to be from a legitimate business to help establish their credibility.

Not only will these scammers seek to gain your personal information, they may ask you to make payments for ‘recruitment’. They may try and gain access to your bank account by suggesting that information is needed to move forward and to pay your salary. They may ask you to make travel arrangements for a face-to-face interview and that you must utilize a specific travel agency. To no surprise, the travel agency is also fake. They are trying to gain access to your credit card information.

To help avoid scams, please make sure that all career and recruitment conversations regarding UEI® Group are with our domain ueigroup.com. However, the domain ueigroupcareers.com is NOT affiliated with any UEI® Group company– please do not engage with this domain.

How to Identify Recruitment Fraud. How to know if you are connecting with a
legitimate UEI® Group Company.


1. UEI® Group companies do not make unsolicited job offers.
2. Make sure that any email career conversation is from our domain – ueigroup.com.
3. Scammers will often ask for your financial information early in the process. UEI® Group does NOT ask for any financial
commitment at any stage of the recruitment process.
4. A fraudulent job offer may ask you to book travel through a certain travel agency with the promise to reimburse travel costs, UEI®
Group companies do NOT ask for any financial commitment from candidates as pre-employment screening.
5. Scammers will suggest that all job interview processes will need to be conducted via email and/or instant messages to best assess an applicant’s skills sets. This is NOT how UEI® Group companies conduct recruitment.

UEI® Group companies have no responsibility for fraudulent offers. We encourage candidates to always be aware of who they are talking with and thoroughly vet unsolicited offers.

If you believe you have been a victim of a fraudulent job offer suggesting its affiliation with any UEI® Group company, please send us an email at recruiter@ueigroup.com with any questions regarding the validity of your application and/or offer. Please put in the subject line ‘job offer fraud’.